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1 (209) 267-5606



    In case you missed it, or are comparing prices, we pay the City Tax of 10%. The rates listed gets you out the door….no extra charges except for a 3rd person in a room… $30. Weekday rates apply Sunday through Thursday unless a National Holiday comes on a Monday..


    Check-in can begin as early as 11:00am but we must know in advance anytime you intend to arrive before 2:30. The room is not guaranteed ready until 2:30 but we will happily check you in.  Any check-ins past 8:00 pm must be arranged, we need to know, please…


    The Inn provides all the comforts of home – private baths, cooling air conditioners and WiFi.


    6 rooms have cable television, The Storage Room, The Carriage House, The Loft, David’s and Stephen’s Room and The Garden Cottage.


    4 of our rooms feature swinging beds: The Storage Room, The Toolshed, The Patio Room and The Hideaway. What is a swinging bed? It is a queen bed, heavy with platform, boxspring and mattress suspended off the floor a few inches by the platform to the ceiling. It sways gently and can be easily stabilized. It’s not like anything else, No boat…no hammock…no waterbed! Be daring! Fun awaits!


    The Inn is wheelchair accessible, The Patio Room is most commodious. Please inquire.


    We offer Gift Certificates – the perfect gift for any occasion! Please call 209 267 5606 with credit card information, and if needed, we can follow it with a printable certificate to your email address. We follow with a hard copy and brochure in the mail.


    Breakfast is served hot in the dining rooms at 9:00am sharp and included in the rate.  We cook breakfast for you, and we much appreciate knowing you will not be joining in before we break all those eggs!

What we grow…



    We have a liberal cancellation policy, however we do enforce it. Cancellations must be made 5 days in advance of your arrival date, that is, for instance, noon Monday to noon Friday, our time. All LATE cancellations will be charged a minimum of $25 up to the full price of the room if it cannot subsequently be rented.


    Any group of 5 rooms or more must cancel 3 weeks in advance., and the same rule applies. You must tell us during your booking that you are with a group and give it a name for us to asterisk the rooms.


    A 2-night minimum is required if your stay INCLUDES Saturday. We do have exceptions, please inquire….OR, you can book a room for Saturday-only, and we will either confirm it or send you an email. This serves you well because we see your request flagged and if an exception opens up we will immediately contact you and let you know.


    The use of our fireplaces is strictly seasonal. The management will decide this as weather and fire season suggest.  We build a fire ready to go for you with a particular wood. An extra supply is $8.00.  Please do not bring your own wood.


    Candles are absolutely forbidden at the Inn.

  • PETS

    No pets, including comfort or therapy pets are allowed on Inn property. Only officially handicapped service animals are allowed.


    The Inn is not suitable for young children and they are not encouraged. If you wish to come with young children we must be informed when your booking is made, and they must be well behaved.

WEBSITE – Our web design is a collaboration of work done by Lindsay Way, our most kind neighbor, Kirk Bryson,, a Sutter Creek native, for his tireless hours of audio mixing, and the incredible execution, flexible, patient co-operation, knowledge, and collaboration of Jennifer Barlow of A Bit Over the Top Web Design!  And lastly the many sweet creatures that move in the night and provided us with our recordings.

The Way Family is proud to be many generations of Californians and hope you enjoy our relaxed hospitality. We’re glad to have you!