About Us



When Jay and MunDen Michel moved into Sutter Creek Inn, they knew it was the start of a new chapter for their growing family. They had already raised their two sons, Christopher and Thomas, in the charm of Sutter Creek and were looking for a family gathering place.

Long time residents of Sutter Creek, Jay and MunDen’s love for their small town shines in everything they do. Their design of the newly renovated rooms is inspired by their passion to keep Sutter Creek a wonderful place to be. 

The story is just beginning! Join us as it continues to unfold. 


Christopher and Arianna met in Sutter Creek as high school sweethearts. They traveled to University of Richmond to study together, but have returned to their beloved hometown to start their small family. They love Sutter Creek Inn so much, they were married on the patio of the Toolshed room.

They are currently raising the first Sutter Creek Inn grandbabies, surrounded by the love of their small town.



Thomas recently returned to California after graduating from University of Richmond. He has continued to pursue academics at the McGeorge School of Law. 

Thomas loves Sutter Creek Inn too! He can usually be found around the gardens helping on weekends.

Thomas is a man with many hats. We call him our signage expert, grape juice maker, and part time innkeeper.

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If you have the pleasure, you will likely be greeted by Jim (more commonly referred to as Grandpa) wandering around Sutter Creek Inn. Even though Jim has to travel from his home in Virginia, he has a permanent room at Sutter Creek Inn. His charm and laugh are infectious, so you can’t help but feel good when he’s around! He loves helping out with renovations and is notorious for making waffles in the morning for the family. It’s obvious to see why the family is so lucky to have him.

Also, Jim was the first Michel to travel to California and discover the beauty of Amador County. Would we all be here without him?

Family photos taken by Charleton Churchill